• Visiting Scholar in Conservative Thought and Policy debuts at CU-Boulder

    Steven Hayward is the inaugural Visiting Scholar in Conservative Thought and Policy at CU-Boulder. Follow his experiences on his CU blog.

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  • CU aims to penetrate Mars Imperial Defense Grid

    When the launch director declares the rocket “ready to launch,” people applaud, children squeal, scientists cry. A final status check clears the mission’s two rockets and its spacecraft: “Go Atlas. Go Centaur. Go MAVEN.”

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  • ‘CU study a step toward more-efficient wind farms’

    Being first in line has its advantages, even for wind turbines, which are propelled by comparatively smooth wind flow that helps them produce near-optimal power at varying wind speeds.

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  • Heralding the ‘lost history’ of early black aviators

    Philip Hart remembers growing up in east Denver and hearing his mother, grandmother and aunt talking about his great uncle James Herman Banning, a pioneer in African American aviation in the early years of the 20th century.

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  • Museum receives Burmese, Chinese art

    The University of Colorado Art Museum has recently acquired a significant collection of Burmese and Chinese art ranging from the Neolithic Period through the Song Dynasty. A gift from Warren and Shirley King, this unique collection of jade, bronze, stoneware, earthenware, porcelain, and blackware will be readily available to art historians, scholars of Chinese and Burmese culture, ceramic specialists and archaeologists.

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