• CU researchers ID CPR ‘hot spots’

    Receiving bystander CPR can double or triple a victim’s chance of survival, according to the American Heart Association. But if you’re the victim, you have a better chance of receiving CPR from a bystander in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood than in Five Points. New CU research aims to put resources in the neighborhoods that need it most.

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  • Liberal-arts students get down to business

    More than 600 non-business students are enrolled in the integrative business minor program at the University of Colorado Boulder. The program debuted its slimmed-down curriculum in fall 2013. The popular program is exceeding enrollment projections.

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  • Ketchum Arts & Sciences undergoing major renovation

    Thomas Edison said genius was “1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” For 77 years, summer work and study in CU-Boulder’s Ketchum Arts and Sciences building was sweaty. Thanks to a major renovation, that and other deficiencies are being fixed.

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  • Vertebrates built new heads from old parts, study suggests

    During the evolution of invertebrates like amphioxus into vertebrates like fish, a remarkable structure appeared: the head. How, exactly, the head evolved has long been a mystery, but scientists postulated that skulls were built from fundamentally new tissue. Now, CU-Boulder research suggests that skull tissue was actually built from existing tissues never before found in invertebrates.

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  • Student broadens insight into piñon-juniper lands

    Millions of acres of piñon-juniper woodlands have been intensively managed since 1950. The consequences of those actions are still poorly understood, but Miranda Redmond, a CU-Boulder doctoral student has been working hard to change that.

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  • In between a ‘clash of civilizations’ and ‘Convivencia’

    Brian Catlos isn’t a big believer in the “clash of civilizations” view of Western history, which posits that Muslim culture and values are fundamentally at odds with those of the so-called West. But neither does he have much truck with the rather nostalgic the idea that peace and harmony prevailed between the three religions during the Middle Ages. He is working on a book-length exploration of this research.

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