Divisional Associate Deans

The College is divided administratively into three Divisions: Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences, each with an Associate Dean in charge of its various administrative functions. In addition, a fourth dean is responsible for numerous across-the-college faculty and administrative services, and select academic programs. Below are links to these individual administrators’ sections, and the departments, research centers, and programs that report to each of the Associate Deans.

Ann Carlos

  • Associate Dean for Social Sciences, Dean for Buildings & Space
  • (303) 492-8571

Darna Dufour

  • Associate Dean for Faculty and Administrative Affairs
  • (303) 492-8571

Valerio Ferme

  • Associate Dean for Arts and Humanities
  • (303) 492-8571

Mary Kraus

  • Senior Associate Dean for Natural Sciences
  • (303) 492-8571