Major in Humanities 2013-2014

The Humanities department reserves the right to change major requirements at any time. Please check with the Humanities department or the CU Boulder catalog for the most current listing of requirements. You are subject to the requirements in effect at the time you declare your major as an Arts & Sciences degree seeking student.

Students must complete the required courses of the College of Arts and Sciences and the required courses listed below. Early completion of the foundation courses, HUMN 1010 and 1020, is essential.

Courses required for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Humanities at CU-Boulder and Colorado Community College applicable courses.

CU-Boulder Required Courses Colorado Community College Applicable Courses
  • HUMN 1010 (6) Introduction to Humanities 1
  • HUM 121 (3) Survey of Humanities I and
  • HUM 122 (3) Survey of Humanities II
  • HUMN 1020 (6) Introduction to Humanities 2
  • HUMN 2000 (3) Topics in Humanities
  • Upper-division Humanities courses (total of 15 credit hours)

Area of concentration: either a single language/literature (English or a foreign language, ancient or modern; first-year courses may not be counted) or a field related to the Humanities, such as history, art history, anthropology, etc. (total of 18 credit hours)

Note: At least 12 of these 18 hours must be taken at the upper-division level.

Secondary field: courses chosen from one other Humanities-related discipline, such as fine arts, music, dance, theatre, film, philosophy, foreign language literature (first-year courses may not be counted), or other discipline. (total of 12 credit hours)

Elective courses that do not count for the Humanities Major but can be used for elective credit

Humanities courses that do not count for the major at CU

The following courses do not count for the Humanities major; however, they may be used to fulfill lower-division general elective credit at CU Boulder.

Colorado Community College Applicable Courses CU-Boulder Equivalent Course (if any)
  • HUM 111 (3) Humanities Through the Arts
  • Lower-division general electiv credit
  • HUM 123 (3) Survey of Humanities III

Note: Students who take HUM 123 will lose credit if they take HUMN 1020 Intro to Humanities 2 at UCB.

  • Lower-division general elective credit