Major in Religious Studies 2013-2014

The Religious Studies department reserves the right to change major requirements at any time. Please check with the Religious Studies department or the CU Boulder catalog for the most current listing of requirements. You are subject to the requirements in effect at the time you declare your major as an Arts & Sciences degree seeking student.

In addition to the general requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences, students must complete at least 36 hours of Religious Studies courses and projects.

Courses required for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religious Studies at CU-Boulder and Colorado Community College applicable courses.

CU-Boulder Required Courses Colorado Community College Applicable Courses

The following are required seminars:

RLST 3020 (3) Advanced Writing in Religious Studies (NOTE: taught fall semester; taken at the first available offering after declaring major and reaching junior status)

RLST 4830 (3) Senior Majors Seminar (NOTE: taught spring semester; taken the last year as an undergraduate after all other requirements have been met)

Concentration Area:

3 courses (9 credit hours) in chosen concentration area. With the consultation and approval of an undergraduate advisor, three RLST courses are to be selected so that the courses build competence in a designated area of concentration. A 10-page paper reflects on the coherency of the select area including how the three courses taken interrelate and how the area of concentration relates to the academic study of religion. The paper is the basis for capstone discussion during the last weeks of Senior Seminar