Instructor Reappointment Process

Instructor reappointments: Due November 1 of the final year of appointment.

(revised 6/11/13)

A letter of offer is generated when an instructor is hired. Instructor must be hired at 50% or greater time and for a period of two-to-four years. Lesser periods of appointment or percentages are to be made using the title and salary scale of “lecturer”

An instructor is added to the merit roster upon initial appointment. Once an instructor is on the merit roster, s/he remains on the roster regardless of the length of reappointment.

After the initial offer letter, the reappointment process, described in the Tips for Completion of Instructor Reappointment Notebooks (see link below), is followed. The only exception to this rule is when an instructor is moving from a part-time appointment to one that is full-time, when a new letter of offer is required. The reason for this exception is that Faculty Affairs is part of the process for 100% instructors, but not for those that are less than full-time.

After the reappointment materials have been reviewed and the Recommendation form has been signed by the Associate Dean, the form is sent to the department’s staff member. The instructor is given the Recommendation form and asked to either accept the recommendation or give notice of resignation. The original form then is returned to the Dean’s office. The original is sent to Faculty Affairs, along with a copy of the Chair’s letter and the candidate’s CV, for full-time instructors.  A scan of the accepted form is sent via email by the Dean’s office to the candidate, the department’s program assistant, to the Chair, and to the A&S HR Center for entry into PeopleSoft.  One copy of the form goes into the College’s personnel file for the faculty member, whereupon the process is complete.

Contact Susan Sires at 303-492-4933 or via e-mail at with questions regarding the instructor reappointment process.

Instructor Reappointment Materials

Instructor Appointment and Reappointment Guidelines: Effective Spring 2014

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