Tenure Track: Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure Processes

Here are documents that are used during the reappointment, promotion, and/or tenure review process for the College, as well as a link to common questions and answers. If you have questions regarding this information please contact Janice Jeffryes at 303-492-7593 or via e-mail at Janice.Jeffryes@colorado.edu.

Deadlines for submitting files to the Dean’s office 2015:

  • Oct 1: Comprehensive Review Files
  • Nov 2: Promotion to Associate Professor and/or Tenure Files
  • Nov 2: College Professor of Distinction Pre-nominations
  • Dec 1: Distinguished Professor Pre-nominations
  • Jan 4: Promotion to Full Professor Files
  • Jan 15: Distinguished Professor – Complete Files
  • Feb 15: College Professor of Distinction – Complete Files

Related forms and procedures: