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Piecing together the Uintah Basin ozone puzzle

Federal, state and local agencies team up with researchers from CU-Boulder and other universities to study wintertime ozone in oil-, gas-producing basin.

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The skinny on unhappiness: Location is everything

The link between obesity and unhappiness may depend on where you live, specifically, how many people of like body type live near you, CU-Boulder sociologists have found.

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Cycling philanthropists benefit altruistic student

Kirbi McGinness is the recipient of a Buffalo Bicycle Classic scholarship award. The Buffalo Bicycle Classic has raised $2 million and funded 1,400 scholarships since it began 2003.

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Public-health study now an undergrad option

The University of Colorado Boulder is giving students the ability to earn an interdisciplinary certificate in public health. The undergraduate certificate will be open to all majors and encourage students to broaden their education to include some far-ranging elements of public health.

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Cannabis Smoker

Pot dependence higher than thought, study finds

A recent study conducted by researchers at the Institute for Behavioral Genetics at the University of Colorado Boulder concludes that there are more people experiencing abuse of or dependence on cannabis than previously reported.

Rare earth elements

There's rare earth in them thar hills

Rare earth elements, crucial to high-tech applications and usually extracted abroad, exist west of Boulder, and a team of scientists is banding together to determine how they might be concentrated in Rocky Mountain granite.

Historian adds nuance to Mideast religious history

Historian adds nuance to Mideast religious history

The history of the three major monotheistic religions is sometimes viewed in simplistic terms, and CU Professor Brian Catlos hopes to add breadth to the historical record.

First-gen student challenges herself, inspires others

First-gen student challenges herself, inspires others

Josie Valadez Fraire has succeeded at CU, thanks to a tight-knit campus support network and a tireless perseverance rooted in her family’s values.