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CU instrument will travel to Jupiter's moon Europa

A University of Colorado Boulder instrument has been selected to fly on a NASA mission to Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa, which is believed to harbor a subsurface ocean that may provide conditions suitable for life.


Colorado’s biggest storms can happen any time

In a state known for its dramatic weather and climate, Colorado’s history of extreme precipitation varies considerably by season and location, according to a new study led by the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Science, a partnership between the University of Colorado Boulder and NOAA.


Finding a new strategy for Parkinson’s disease

If you think you are using only 10 percent of your brain, think again. It’s true that about 10 percent of your nervous system is made up of hard-working neurons, diligently delivering messages back and forth between your senses and your brain.


Freshmen co-author study on tiny viruses

A new study appearing this week in the scientific journal eLIFE about the rapid evolution of small viruses that infect bacteria includes 59 University of Colorado Boulder co-authors, all of whom conducted research for the paper as freshmen.


Ted Stark: The costume technologist

Ted Stark did not set out to be a costume-maker. While he likes to say that the profession actually chose him, it’s been a good fit for Stark.

Stark is senior instructor of costume technology in CU-Boulder’s Department of Theatre and Dance and the costume shop manager.


Drinking behaviors linked with mortality

A new University of Colorado Boulder study involving some 40,000 people indicates that social and psychological problems caused by drinking generally trump physically hazardous drinking behaviors when it comes to overall mortality rates.