The Arts and Sciences Council is the primary representative body for the faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences.  It participates fully in the governance of the College in consonance with the Laws of the Regents, including all matters of educational policy, academic ethics, faculty appointments, promotion and tenure, budgetary review, the selection of administrators, and other policies concerning the general academic welfare.

The ASC represents the views and interests of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences.  It  is composed of representatives elected by their primary units who meet monthly to provide counsel and advice to the Dean and to consider, initiate, and decide matters of College policy, make proposals, and set guidelines.

The ASC oversees seven standing committees that participate in the governance of the College: Budget, Curriculum, Diversity, Grievance,Online Education and Technology, Personnel, and Planning.  The Dean prepares administrative and policy matters for presentation, review, amendment, and approval or disapproval by the ASC. The Dean regularly reports and explains his or her policies and decisions, both general and specific, to the ASC or its appropriate committees for information and action. In this manner budgetary and other decisions constitute a collaborative endeavor.

Chair: Stephen Mojzsis
Administrator: Janice Jeffryes