General Education Implementation Committee


This committee facilitates the transition from General Education (A&S Core) to General Education (Distribution and Skills) requirements.  It recommends General Education (Distribution and Skills) implementation processes and identifies General Education categories for all existing courses.

Frequently asked questions:

Check this link for frequently asked questions about the General Education Implementation Committee and the process.


  • Cora Randall (ATOC, Chair)
  • Jackie Elliott (CLAS, prior to fall 2017)
  • Oliver Gerland (THDN, RAP)
  • Steve Hobbs (IPHY)
  • Leslie Irvine (SOCY)
  • Lonni Pearce (PWR)
  • Chase Raymond (SPAN, LING; beginning fall 2017)
  • Fernando Riosmena (GEOG)
  • Rob Rupert (PHIL)
  • David Stock (EBIO)

with administrative support from

  • Jon Leslie (Assistant Vice Chancellor for Strategic Marketing)
  • Kyle McJunkin (Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, College of Arts and Sciences)
  • Karthyn Tisdale (Interim Assistant Dean of Academic Advising and Student Success, College of Arts and Sciences)
  • Patrick Tally (Assistant Dean of Academic and Curricular Affairs, College of Arts and Sciences)
  • Reid Kallman (Associate Registrar for Academic, Degree & Eligibility Services)

Actions of interest

1) Moratorium on Nominations:  The General Education Implementation Committee has placed a moratorium on nominations for the existing (that is, the old) Core Curriculum. The College’s Curriculum Committee will continue to review nominations already in process, but no further nominations for the existing Core will be accepted – with the possible exception of first-year seminars being developed for AY ’17-‘18. (announced 12/8/16)

2) New Name for Core Curriculum: The General Education Implementation Committee has voted to adopt ‘General Education (Distribution and Skills)’ as the name of the new core curriculum. Variants such as ‘General Education Courses’ and ‘General Education Requirements’ will be used, as appropriate. The parenthetical ‘Distribution and Skills’ will be added in contexts in which it’s important to distinguish the new requirements from earlier sets of common requirements, which were sometimes referred to as ‘General Education (College List)’ and ‘General Education (Core Curriculum)’. (announced 12/28/16)

3) Identification of General Education (Gen Ed) requirements for existing A&S courses:  All A&S departments and programs have been asked to identify the Gen Ed requirement(s) that each of their courses should satisfy. Responses are due by 9 March, after which the Gen Ed Implementation Committee (GEIC) will review the identifications.  Disagreements between the GEIC review and the department or program offering the course will be reconciled through discussions with the offering unit.  To facilitate the process, all units were sent information about the Gen Ed requirements in the document Gen_Ed_requirements.pdf.  A list of Frequently Asked Questions is being compiled as questions are asked. (announced 2/28/17)

4)  Review of Gen Ed course identifications: All A&S departments and programs are being asked to review their Gen Ed course identification spreadsheets to confirm the GEIC-approved Gen Ed designations and to provide more information on courses for which the Gen Ed designation is in question. At the current time, the only courses being reviewed are those that count for an A&S major, minor, or certificate (“MMC” courses) and those that already count for an A&S Core requirement (grandfathered courses).  Responses are due no later than Sept. 30.  Course syllabi and completed Course Content forms are being requested for all courses that were identified by the offering unit(s) as satisfying more than one Gen Ed Distribution Divisional requirement or both the U.S. and Global Diversity requirements.  The relevant Course Content forms can be found here.