Chair and Director Annual Merit Evaluation Methodology

Approved by C&D, 3/15/05. Effective 2005 calendar year review

Typical Chairs and Director Workload formula = 20% R, 20% T, 60% S (figures adjusted for workload formula defined by letter of appointment, if different).

  • Step 1. Chair/Director submits personal narrative of accomplishments to Dept along with FRPA and any other customary reports for departmental evaluation.
  • Step 2. Dept/Program evaluates Chair/Director by its unit criteria same as all other unit faculty, using the formula Research = 20%, Teaching = 20% , Service = 60%.
  • Step 3. Department representative forwards to Dean’s Office the Faculty Performance Rating Form along with a copy of the chair/director’s personal narrative. The department should also forward the supporting documents created in step 2 that support the chair/directors overall evaluation rating.
  • Step 4. Dean’s office “norms” the data from Step 3, based on how the primary unit evaluates faculty overall.
  • Step 5. Dean’s Office evaluates the Chair/Director’s service only on a 0-60 point scale (criteria below).
  • Step 6. Final evaluation calculated as follows: Research (20%) + Teaching (20%) + Service (60%, based on 1/3 department service plus 2/3 deans office)

Old Main Service Evaluation Criteria (in rough order of importance)

  • Personnel: Policy (RTP reviews, annual merit, recruitment)
  • Budget: Policy, Outcome
  • Unit Leadership
  • Other Administrative Performance (PRP, fundraising, outreach, communication with Dean’s Office and other offices)