College of Arts and Sciences Grievance Policy

(written December, 2004)

It is the policy of the department to handle and resolve all disputes or grievances at the lowest possible administrative level.

If one faculty member has a grievance against another, the faculty members should first meet with one another and attempt to resolve their differences. If this fails, one or both of the faculty members may request that the Chair meet with all parties involved to attempt to resolve the grievance.

Where the Chair cannot resolve a grievance, the matter shall be referred to the Department’s Grievance Committee, which will be constituted as an ad hoc subcommittee of the Department’s Executive Committee.

Similarly, if a faculty member has a grievance with the Chair, s/he shall request that an ad hoc Grievance Committee meet with both the Chair and the grievant(s) to attempt to resolve the issues.

If the ad hoc Grievance committee fails to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the parties, the Chair shall refer the issue to the Dean, who may seek the advice of an appropriate subcommittee of the ASC.

In the case of a grievance by a student against a faculty member, the Department should follow a procedure parallel to that laid down for grade grievances.

Where a special procedure has been provided by the Boulder Campus or the University, such as, for example, those involving student misconduct, staff grievances or misconduct, or matters involving research misconduct or sexual harassment, the grievance will be handled according to those procedures. If not, the grievance will be handled according to the procedures described here.