Course Banking

Course banking refers to the practice of teaching an extra course one academic year and, in return, teaching one less course in a subsequent academic year.

The following guidelines apply:

  • The department’s curricular needs must be met.
  • Courses may be banked but not borrowed, except in unusual circumstances.  In other words, the overload must be taught in advance of the reduced load, and not vice-versa.
  • Banking may be done only for purposes of enhancing the ability of faculty to engage in scholarly work or service.
  • A faculty member may use banking to produce a semester that is free of classroom teaching.  However, s/he must remain on campus during that semester.
  • All course banking requires prior approval from the divisional Associate Dean.
  • Courses may not be banked for more than two years.
  • Un-banking is the responsibility of the Department Chair; no form is required to be sent to the Dean’s office.


Course Banking Request Form