Course Buy-Out

Course Buy-out Request Form (opens in Word)
Course Buy-out and Evaluation Calculation (opens in Excel)

Faculty members who wish to arrange for course relief on grants and/or contracts should discuss the matter with the chair prior to submitting the grant application. The chair should write a short memo of understanding for the record. Funding of these grants does not obligate the University to provide course reduction if in the judgment of the chair and/or the Dean, such a reduction is not in the best interest of the Department or Program in the semester in which it is sought.

The minimum normal buyout cost for a faculty member will be equivalent to 40% of the salary divided by the standard teaching load of the department (or of the individual, if different). For instance, in a department where the standard teaching load is three courses, to buyout one course will be one-third of 40% of the academic year salary.

The requirement for course buyouts is that graduate courses are bought first, undergraduate courses second.

In semesters in which a faculty member wishes to purchase a complete course buyout, the matter must be referred to the Dean. The normal expectation is that the member will pay his/her complete salary for the semester from extramural sources.

Faculty members who wish to seek extramural support for continuous course reduction (longer than one semester) will normally be expected to pay higher rates for course relief than those who seek course relief only occasionally.Documentation for course buyouts is:

  • The Course Buy-out Form request from the faculty member, signed. (E-mail is not acceptable)
  • Concurrence by the department chair.
  • Approval by the Associate Dean.
  • In cases where the course buy out results in a reduction in appointment (the buyout is NOT covered by grant or other funds), approval by Faculty Affairs.