General Procedures – Sabbatical Procedures

Online Application for Sabbatical Leave


Per Administrative Policy Statement 1024, a sabbatical is a privilege granted by the university for the advancement of the university, subject to the availability of resources.  A sabbatical assignment is an important tool in developing academic scholarship and is a time for concentrated professional development.  It is expected that the faculty member shall use the sabbatical assignment in a manner that shall enhance his/her scholarly and/or teaching competence and potential for leadership and service to the university, as well as to advance the primary unit’s program goals.

The Office of Faculty Affairs defines a sabbatical as a research leave lasting either one or two semesters for which a faculty member must have earned six years of institutional service to apply.  Information pertaining to additional sabbatical policy information can be found at the following sites:

Eligibility & Acceptance

A tenured faculty member shall become eligible after 12 semesters of service to the university.  In other words, after twelve months of continuous service to the university, a tenured member of the faculty shall be eligible to apply for a sabbatical assignment.  A sabbatical assignment shall not be granted any more than once every seven years; the eligibility clock is not inclusive of the semester(s) spent on the last sabbatical.  For further guidance on calculating sabbatical eligibility, the date in which a faculty member last took a sabbatical can be entered into the Sabbatical Clock Calculator, which will calculate when the next application for sabbatical leave is due as well as when the next sabbatical can be taken.

Absences taken as leave without pay do not count toward the 12 semester requirement.  However, periods of paid leave (i.e., sick leave, parental leave, fellowships, etc.) and time served at the university prior to receipt of tenure, count toward the 12 semesters.

A tenured faculty member on a (minimum 50%) part-time appointment shall become eligible after six years of part-time service to the university on a prorated basis.  In order to be eligible for a subsequent sabbatical, a faculty member must serve part-time for six more years and also must demonstrate that they substantially met the academic goals stated in their previous sabbatical plan.

In the event that two or more members of a department simultaneously become eligible for sabbatical assignments, and it becomes necessary to limit the number of sabbaticals in the department, the order of succession shall be determined by agreement within the department.  Priority will be based upon the quality of the sabbatical plan, its immediate relevant to department goals, and the length of time since the last sabbatical.  The Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs will have the power to resolve special problems of eligibility.

Eligible faculty members seeking approval for a sabbatical must submit a specific plan for utilizing the sabbatical, which must be approved.  During the first semester after returning to regular duties, the faculty member must file, with the dean, a substantive report of his/her work and accomplishments during the sabbatical.

In accepting a sabbatical assignment, the faculty member shall agree to return to the university for at least one year thereafter.  In case the faculty member is responsible for terminating his/her connection with the university within the period of one year after expiration of the sabbatical, the individual shall refund the sabbatical remuneration to the university on a prorated basis, except in exceptional circumstances, including permanent disability or death, wherein neither the individual nor the heirs shall be obligated to refund any part of the amount paid while on sabbatical.

General Timeline

Applications for Sabbatical Leave must be approved by the Board of Regents prior to the start date of the sabbatical.


A list of faculty members who may be eligible, based on a database kept in the College, is sent to department chairs and staff assistants for confirmation.


An email is sent to each faculty member who appears to be eligible for sabbatical during the next academic year, with notification of eligibility and instructions for electronically submitting the Application for Sabbatical Leave.

Please note:  Beginning AY2016-17, the Application for Sabbatical Leave process has been streamlined and enhanced to include an electronic submission. Once the electronic form is completed and signed by the faculty member, it will be routed to respective parties for review and approval signature via DocuSign.  Upon receipt of required approval signatures, the form will be automatically emailed to the Dean’s Office for final approval by The Office of Faculty Affairs.  Accordingly, both the department and faculty member will be notified by the Dean’s office upon receipt of final approval.


Applications for Sabbatical Leave, including a current CV, are to be submitted electronically to the Dean’s Office on November 15th.


Applications are reviewed and approved by the Deans based on a variety of factors including the faculty member’s record and the number of faculty applying per department.

Email notification of the initial decision is sent to the candidate and chair at the same time the application is sent to the Office of Faculty Affairs for addition review and approval.

Final approval must be granted by the Board of Regents prior to the start date of the sabbatical.

December 15th

Sabbatical Leave Reports due for sabbaticals taken in spring semester or academic year.

May 15th

Sabbatical Leave Reports due for sabbaticals taken in fall semester or calendar year.


Remuneration for the sabbatical assignment for a full-time faculty member will be full salary for one semester or half salary for two semesters.  Remuneration for the sabbatical assignment for a part-time faculty member will be prorated. For example, a faculty member on a 50% appointment will receive half pay salary for one semester and one quarter pay salary for two semesters.

Faculty members shall not hold any administrative appointments during sabbatical; while on sabbatical, faculty members are at 100% research.

In the event a faculty member chooses a one-semester sabbatical assignment with full-pay, a faculty member may not then receive an additional salary.  If, however, the individual chooses to take a two-semester assignment at half salary, he/she may accept a part-time salary or fellowship, provided that the total stipend for this period does not exceed the academic year salary.  It is expected that faculty members applying for sabbatical assignments will also apply for external funding to the extent that it is available.  In the case that the faculty member obtains external funding, university support will be reduced so that the faculty member’s total salary is within the guidelines stated above.

Changes to Sabbatical Requests

Changes to sabbatical leave requests (i.e., cancellation, change to the sabbatical term, postponement) must be approved by the Chair, Associate Dean, and Vice Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs prior to the start of the sabbatical or prior to the date of change.  Requests for changes to sabbaticals should be in writing and processed as follows:

  • Faculty member initiates written request, via the Request for Sabbatical Change, to the Chair that includes an explanation for the requested change.
  • If in agreement, Chair signs the request form and submits via email to the Coordinator – Arts and Sciences Council via email to for additional approvals.
  • Upon receipt of all approvals, a finalized, fully-executed copy will be emailed back to the unit’s staff assistant, which concludes the process.

Sabbatical Leave Report

During the first semester after returning to regular duties, the faculty member must submit a substantive Sabbatical Leave Report of his/her work and accomplishments during the sabbatical.  Deadlines for submitting reports are as follows:

May 15: Sabbaticals taken in fall semester or calendar year

December 15:  Sabbaticals taken in spring semester or academic year