Recruiting and Hiring Lecturers

Faculty-Temporary:  Other (Lecturer, Adjoint, Adjunct)

Recruitment and Hiring

a.      Guidelines

The Office of Faculty Affairs considers non-tenure-track and non-instructor-rank faculty as “other” and refer to them as temporary faculty because they are generally hired for periods of less than one year, typically on a semester-to-semester basis.  Such other faculty titles include Lecturer, Adjoint, Adjunct, Visiting, and Attendant Rank.  Information pertaining to other faculty can be found at  Title descriptions and guidance are provided below:


The title Lecturer (job code 1419) is granted to a scholar invited to the University to give lectures or perform other teaching duties.  The lecturer should possess the same qualifications as regular faculty members.  The lecturer title may also be granted to a person of high repute in a field of endeavor related to an academic discipline who has been invited by the University to give a series of lectures or otherwise render instruction.  Tenure may not be awarded to a lecturer either initially or after an extended term, and lecturers are not eligible for retirement or membership in the Faculty Senate.  Lecturer is the title given to individuals hired to teach on a course-by-course basis.  Lecturers are qualified to teach the particular course or courses for which they have been hired.  Lecturers are employees at will and are hired on a temporary basis to teach one or more courses per term.

Lecturers are faculty who give lectures or perform other teaching duties.  Individuals who are expected to perform service should be appointed as Instructors.

Teaching Limitations

Lecturers may teach up to four courses, or the equivalent (up to 12 credit hours total), each semester, including courses taught on all CU campuses and through Continuing Education.  However, self-paced courses taught through Continuing Education do not count against teaching limits.

Benefits Eligibility

Lecturer faculty with 50% appointments or greater are eligible for benefits with the exception of retirement benefits; however, not eligible for leave.


The titles Professor Adjoint (job code 1406), Associate Professor Adjoint (job code 1407), or Assistant Professor Adjoint (job code 1408) are used to designate individuals, such as employees of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, or other agencies or institutions who offer courses or supervise academic programs without compensation above their regular salary.  Adjoint Professors have the usual privileges and responsibilities of members of the regular faculty, except that these positions are not tenure eligible and are at will.  Their academic qualifications should be similar to those of regular faculty in full Professor, Associate, or Assistant ranks.

Benefits Eligibility

Adjoint faculty are not eligible for benefits and are not eligible for leave.


Adjunct faculty status of Professor Adjunct (job code 1409), Associate Professor Adjunct (job code 1410), and Assistant Professor Adjunct (job code 1411) is awarded to an individual who previously held the rank of full Professor, Associate, or Assistant at a comparable higher education institution.  Adjunct faculty members are hired on a course-by-course, part-time, non-tenure track basis (similar to lecturers).  The title of full Professor, Associate, or Assistant Professor Adjunct will be dependent upon the last rank held by the individual in a comparable institution.  If the permanent faculty believes an individual’s qualifications and experience warrant an adjunt appointment event though the individual has not previously held a professional rank, the title of Assistant Professor Adjunct normally would be recommended.

Benefits Eligibility

Adjunct faculty are not eligible for benefits and are not eligible for leave.


The titles Visiting Professor (job code 1401), Visiting Associate Professor (job code 1402), and Visiting Assistant Professor (job code 1403) are used to designate individuals that have a temporary appointment for a defined period such as an academic year, semester, or summer term.  The visiting title should indicate the faculty member’s rank at his/her home institution or planned for at this university.

Benefits Eligibility

Visiting faculty with 50% appointments or greater are eligible for benefits; however, not eligible for leave.

Attendant Rank

Attendant rank titles are Professor Attendant, Associate Professor Attendant, Assistant Professor Attendant, Senior Instructor Attendant, Instructor Attendant, Museum Curator Attendant, Museum Associate Curator Attendant, Museum Assistant Attendant and may be granted to persons holding University administrative or service positions.  Those approved for this rank are expected to possess the same scholarly qualifications in a disciple as regular faculty members and to engage in instructional activities without compensation over and above their regular salary. Those attaining this title have the same rights and privileges available to regular faculty members, except that they are not eligible for consideration of tenure.

b.      General Timeline

Offer letters are to be accepted by the candidate and then approved prior to the start date of the appointment.  Candidates should not be allowed to begin work without a fully-executed offer letter.  Therefore, offer letters should be fully-executed (all signatures obtained) by the following deadlines:

August 1st                                           Fall appointments

December 1st                                     Spring appointments

 c.      Length of Appointment

Typically, temporary faculty appointments are for one semester at a time, or occasionally for one academic year at a time.

The start date for temporary faculty appointments is one week prior to the first day of class and ends on date of commencement respectively.

Start and End Dates and Corresponding Contract Dates

Faculty academic year appointments begin one week prior to the start of classes.  However, the contract start date for fall semester differs as the contract start date is September 1st.  Contract start and end dates align with payroll in that pay day is the last working day of each month.

AY 2016-17
Start/End Dates: AY 08/15/16 – 05/12/17 Contract Dates: AY 09/01/16 – 05/31/17
Start/End Dates: Fall 08/15/16 – 12/17/16 Contract Dates: Fall 09/01/16 – 12/31/16
Start/End Dates: Spring 01/10/17 – 05/12/17 Contract Dates: Spring 01/10/17 – 05/31/17
AY 2017-18
Start/End Dates: AY 08/21/17 – 05/11/18 Contract Dates: AY 09/01/17 – 05/31/18
Start/End Dates: Fall 08/21/17 – 12/21/17 Contract Dates: Fall 09/01/17 – 12/31/17
Start/End Dates: Spring 01/09/18 – 05/11/18 Contract Dates: Spring 01/09/18 – 05/31/1


d.      Compensation

Below is a lecturer salary table with corresponding FTE and percent time.


Lecturer Salary Table – AY2016-17 Salaries
Full-Time Lecturer Load = 8 courses1 per AY (no service duties)
Calculation Per Semester
Semester Load FTE2 Percent Time3 Level A6 Level B6 Level C56
1 course or equivalent 0.13 25% $4,500 $5,300 $6,350
2 courses or equivalent 0.25 50% $9,000 $10,600 $12,700
3 courses or equivalent 0.38 75% $13,500 $15,900 $19,050
4 courses or equivalent 0.50 100% $18,000 $21,200 $25,400
Calculation Per Academic Year4
Academic Year Load FTE Percent Time Level A6 Level B6 Level C56
2 courses 0.25 25% $9,000 $10,600 $12,700
4 courses 0.50 50% $18,000 $21,200 $25,400
6 courses 0.75 75% $27,000 $31,800 $38,100
8 courses 1.00 100% $36,000 $42,400 $50,800
1.  Tables based on 3-credit hour courses.  For courses less than 3 credits, the FTE, % time, and salary are to be pro-rated.  Check with your Associate Dean to determine whether or not increases are appropriate for courses that are more than 3 credits.
2.  FTE is based on the academic year.
3.  Percent time is based on the semester, and is what drives benefits.
4.  Courses must be evenly divided between semesters.
5.  For MATH rates in a Residential Academic Program (RAP), contact your Associate Dean.6.  For language courses, the rates are as follows: 3-credit = $4,500; 4-credit – $5,000; and 5-credit = $5,500.
7.  Below please find a list of units within each level:
Level A Level B Level C
AAH ENVS (SS courses) APPM

e.      Offer Letter Templates

Offer Letter Template – Lecturer

Offer Letter Template – Adjunct

Offer Letter Template – Adjoint

 f.       Process

  • Each semester, Unit determines temporary faculty appointees according to teaching needs and ensures employment eligibility (i.e., Lecturers may teach up to four courses, or the equivalent (up to 12 credit hours total), each semester, including courses taught on all CU campuses and through Continuing Education.)
    • Typically, lecturer appointments are not posted and recruited for on CU Careers, but rather sourced at the department/program level.  However, if there is a need to do so, the unit should submit a A&S Faculty Advertisement Template to Amanda Misiak at for review and approval.  Once posted, the Unit will receive a quick link to the posting.
  • Per the Background Check Policy found at, Unit submits background check request by emailing hr-bgc@colorado.eduwith the following information:
    • Candidate Name
    • Job Title
    • Email Address
      • For rehires, to verify that a criminal history background check has been conducted within the previous three years, access HCM and navigate as follows to determine the date:
        Main Menu > Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Modify a Person > …CU Personal Data Tab
  • Faculty appointee completes Courses Agreed to Teach Grid and submits to Unit
  • Unit submits the following to Executive Assistant to the Associate Deans for review via email at
  • Draft offer letter reviewed by Executive Assistant to the Associate Deans.
  • Executive Assistant to the Associate Deans advises Unit of any changes or needed corrections with instructions to re-submit for review once changes made (if applicable).
  • Once approved by Executive Assistant to the Associate Deans, approved offer letter saved as PDF and sent to the Unit to begin routing for signatures via DocuSign.
  • Unit uploads the following documents in DocuSign and routes to Chair, Associate Dean, and Candidate with cc: to AS_FPA@colorado.eduand
  • Unit to obtain completed, original, notarized Faculty Oath Formfrom candidate and submit original to Executive Assistant to the Associate Deans at 275 UCB; copy to be maintained in the unit.
  • If new hire, Unit initiates Personal Information Worksheet and Emergency Contact Form(PIW) PowerForm via DocuSign to candidate.
  • PIW PowerForm completed by candidate, which is sent directly to the A&S HR Service Center (PPC)
  • Appointment entered in HCM by A&S HR Service Center (PPC).
  • If applicable, Unit dispositions candidates and requests that A&S HR Manager close the posting in CU Careers.

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