Undergraduate Sexual Harassment Training

  • TO: Boulder Campus Teaching Faculty, Deans, Directors, Dept Chairs, System Administration
  • FROM: Office of the Provost
  • SENDER: Bernadette Langbein
  • SUBJECT: Undergrad Teaching Assistant Sexual Harassment Training/CORRECTED URL
  • DATE: March 12, 2004

Undergraduate teaching assistants working with other students near their own ages are likely to face more intense challenges related to the area of sexual harassment than are faculty, graduate part-time instructors (GPTIs) or graduate teaching assistants (TAs).

Beginning as soon as practical but not later than the beginning of FALL Semester 2004, all undergraduate students who formally participate in or assist with any and all forms of course instruction (e.g. labs, recitations, studios, grading, departmental sponsored tutoring, or any other aspects of teaching) must undergo sexual harassment training, including attendance at formal workshops to be provided by the Office of Sexual Harassment and the Office of Judicial Affairs. This training must occur prior to the time that they begin work in their respective course. Wherever practical, undergraduate assistants should receive continual instruction and supervision throughout their assignment by the instructor of record. That instructor of record must assume the primary responsibility for assuring compliance with all campus and university sexual harassment policies and procedures.

Professional conduct by undergraduate assistants is required and sexual harassment training comprises an essential component of understanding professional conduct.

Effective: March 8, 2004

Issued By: Office of the Provost, Boulder Campus

The Office of Undergraduate Education is arranging a schedule of workshops for beginning of fall semester specifically for the undergraduate teaching assistants.

Please bookmark the following URL for future reference to the policy:

Questions regarding the policy or training issues please contact Michael Grant, Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education.