Lindsay Michelle Talbot is one of six students from the College of Arts and Sciences to graduate this spring with a straight-A average. A humanities major, she took time from the final days of her University of Colorado experience to answer five questions. Here’s what she had to say:

Lindsay Michelle Talbot

1. Does academic success come easily to you?

I think wanting academic success, or at least wanting it enough, comes easily to me. I’ve always had to work incredibly hard to achieve positive results in school, but I think after a while, the study habits etc. do come a little more naturally. It’s all about hard work and using your resources; I believe anyone can do it if that’s the goal they’ve set for themselves.

2. What was your most rewarding experience at CU?

Working on and finishing my honors thesis was fantastic. I was so proud of the finished piece, I took a picture of it. But honestly, I think what was really rewarding about that experience was my interactions with the faculty. It was like they were my peers. You feel so much more qualified and intellectual. It’s a fleeting feeling (ha ha) but still, very rewarding nonetheless.

3. If you had children about to go to college, what advice would you give them?

I think it’s important to have an idea already set of what you aim to get out of college, why you are attending in the first place. So many students (myself included) get caught in this idea sometimes that, “Well, this lecture doesn’t matter for the test, so I won’t go to class today.” But I have to stop myself and say, “Wait; why am I here?” The answer is to further my knowledge and develop, and while tests are part of showing that, being a student—going to classes even when they “don’t matter”—is another, harder part. I think having a clear idea of this is really helpful when entering college.

4. How will you translate your academic success into success in other areas of life?

It’s always about achieving excellence in what you do. So for me as a student, that was excellence in my grades, papers, understanding etc. I hope I can keep up an “all A” attitude in life beyond school, but I haven’t done that yet, so we’ll see!

5. What do you plan to do after graduating?

I’m entering into the Americorps group Teach for America. I’ve been placed to teach elementary school in Las Vegas Valley (woo!). I’m very excited, and I know CU has prepared me for working hard and taking up the challenge. I like knowing that I serve as an ambassador for my school; go CU!

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May 3, 2010

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